Dialogue / Monologue ? est une réflexion sur le comportement humain. En parallèle, il propose une conception flexible et utile


lidu interactive


Design at its core has always been the exploration of spacial reference that may bring harmony or solutions to problems. The Dialogue / Monologue? concept takes it a step further by focusing on the communicative aspect of design. Dialogue / Monologue? is a reflection about the human behavior. At the same time it propose flexible and useful design for people.
Stacking them close together could be a social commentary about wanting to be close or at least open to it. Intuitive, graphic, and 100% recycled, Dialogue / Monologue? helps us observe how our environments are really a statement about how we’re living, how we’re feeling.
We designed the entire brand identity, including the design itself in cooperation with the brand LG HI-MACS®. Good communication is the basis of understanding in our society. That's why the configuration of this design invites you to communicate. With two or more basic pieces it's possible to create a lot of original combination. The flexibility of its setup makes Dialogue / Monologue? an interactive concept that can be expressed anywhere.


Direction artistique, Design, Gestion de projet, Concept, Conception, Développement Front-end, Développement Back-end


- Czech Grand Design, Discovery of the Year
- Salone del Mobile Milano Design LG Showcase
- Czech National Gallery Showcase
- FRAME Showcase
- Designblok Showcase
- Yankodesign Showcase
- Designspotter Showcase
- Parck Design Showcase
- Designcorner Showcase
- Design East Showcase
- Design Mag Showcase